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Improve Your Business With Our Help

Many businesses are growing based on customs. Without a clear situation of the business frame a manager cannot estimate the impact over the company of a business change.

Defining a clear image of the processes within company leads to increase efficiency and profitability.  This can be the difference between chaos and successful business.

Finding the perfect match between the business needs and company resources is a continuous activity. Risks aspects must be considered by defining clear access and authority levels according to “need to know basis” and job descriptions, key risk indicators for sensitive activities, key profit indicators for reaching the goal.

*Price is based on the length and agreed details of each project.

Ad hoc requests*
  • Analysis and update of existing methodology frame;
  • Guidance and advice for improving business processes;
  • Guidance and advice for acquisition processes ;
  • Review and/or documenting specific business processes, policies, procedures;
  • Operational risk analysis over the business activities, plan for remediation and follow up;
  • Define risk indicators and profitability indicators;
  • Support in changes and reviews
  • Traning based on request
Methodology projects*
  • Meetings for defining a plan for implementation;
  • Review of existing methodology frame;
  • Design need for methodology frame;
  • Analysis of the business processes;
  • Analysis of systems used;
  • Analysis of legal frame applicable;
  • Analysis of resources access and authority over systems and processes;
  • Define risk indicators and profitability indicators;
  • Design needed policies, procedures, business flows, job descriptions;
  • Training for involved parties, based on request;
  • Support in processes implementations;
  • Support in changes and reviews ;
  • Systems change with Project management for system implementation
  • New business lines implementation
  • Changes of roles and responsibilities
  • Processes automations
  • Business analysis
  • Project plan definition
  • Road map definition


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