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Organize Your Company From A To Z

Organize your company from A to Z, live training, 4 hours

As a business owner you can see every day changes around and the impact on your own company. Still there is a strength inside your company, focusing on it will help you to pass difficult times and take better and faster decisions.

Organize your company, develop a methodology frame, define structure and processes, shape the internal resources to better fit the need, decrease risks, increase efficiency, flexibility and profitability.

Financial crises, legislation changes, financial changes, external environment, all have big impact on the businesses and business owners struggle to grow and have success.

If you organize your company and define all your internal resources and processes will be like a boat having an anchor, will give your company the strength for resisting even during the difficult times.

Covid Crisis revealed a situation nobody was expecting. From one day to the other the business had to be reshaped, flexibility and innovation were the key words, used along with struggling, surviving, cut cost, recover debts.

Organizing the company from A to Z training will help understand:

  • What internal organization means;
  • What internal organization includes;
  • From where to start;
  • Tone from the top – mission, vision, values and objectives – make them work together;
  • Organizational Chart and benefit of it;
  • Jobs and roles, documentation on tasks but also on access and authority;
  • External contractors, how to consider them into your internal organization;
  • What internal documents you must have in place;
  • How to set up your policies;
  • How to define your activities and after turn them into working procedures;
  • IT Systems, risk approach (even if you use only email and xls files)
  • Registries and their usage;

This training will give you a clear idea of what means internal organization of your company, where to start, what to do.

After this process, it will be easy to understand how your business will / can be affected, in negative or positive way, by:

  • External changes – legislative, economic, political, business partners and providers, hr market aso
  • Internal decisions – new business line, cut o business line, add or release staff.

You will thrive even during hard times, because all this internal organization frame will give you a clear image for understanding consequences of your decisions, you can easily play with” what if scenarios” for taking the best decision each time.

You will benefit of my over 20 years of experience, during a live 3-hours training, at your request.

This training is for you if:

  • You have a business and want to increase efficiency;
  • You want to have happy and productive employees;
  • You want to easily adapt during hard time;
  • You want to be ready for opportunities and one step ahead competition;
  • You work in a business and have the role of administrator, general manager, methodology manager, risk officer.

This training is delivered online, at your request.

What you will receive?

  • Online 4 hours online training, with break at your request;
  • Guide with a to do list with further steps;
  • Discounted price for consulting and/or proof reading during your process;

For a personalized offer please send a request at

We encourage you for in-house development of the internal organization frame of your company since the knowledge is there.

If you need an expert opinion you can access us only when and if you need help and guidance, this is a win-win situation, low cost implementation and highly effective.


Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

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