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COVID-19 And How To Face The Future

COVID-19 and how to face the future

Nobody can deny that this virus was an unexpected reason for having a global economic crisis, at least for most people.

However, the measures taken by almost all the countries worldwide are having serious financial effects since travelling has been restricted, schools are closed, a lot of businesses have totally stopped, and for the ones that continue their activity the imposed social isolation and distancing policies have changed the way they are functioning.

Existing internet and web infra as well video conferencing tools have helped us a lot to literally work from home and to have on-line schooling. Virtual chat rooms and webcams provide us with the illusion of having a typical meeting and a normal way of working.

Slowly and carefully we move to restart the activities.

The question is: how will be the future?

All of us we speak for going back to normality.

People like normality, we like habits, we avoid change. We feel secure and safe with things we know.
However, reality tell us things have changed. And most of us we are worried about the new way of working and leaving which will bring new habits therefore new needs.

Businesses like individuals worry about their future.

Take as example all these businesses that depend on people going every day to the office: transportation, coffee shops and take away food, facilities management, schools and after schools etc. All these businesses suffer significantly during social isolation period.
Though, “next day” looks as well scary.

If companies decide that a few of their personnel will switch permanently or for a long period to a “work from home” approach the impact will be huge. Already Facebook and Google have announced they will allow their personnel to continue working remotely through the end of 2020.
For air transport service companies and for hotels situation is similar. Social distancing measures in flights in addition to the people fear and unwillingness to travel, will result to low volumes in trips only if it is essential. This will also impact hotels and airports.

In each and every business specific measure are to be applied in order things to start working.

Businesses have to act and to already start working on finding solutions to succeed and prosper in this new normality.

Business owners have to be willing to give priority to long-term developments instead of short-term profits.

Therefore companies – regardless of their size – have:
– to re-think of their business;
– to revisit their processes and eventually their organization chart looking to the jobs and roles within the organization;
– to review as well systems infrastructure and security, in order to provide with maximum flexibility their people;
– to communicate with their business partners to ensure stability and even enhance and improve relationship.

This will require several projects to be initiated and developed; some of them should be shortly implemented though for others more time and effort will be needed.

Analysis, projects identification, planning, implementations, documentation need effort and relevant resources in order to be developed.

We are here to assist any company that shares the above following a specific methodology.

Contact us at: for English and Romanian. for English and Greek.

Soon you may find specific training in the Online Training section on the site, regarding company organization from A to Z, project management for small in-house implementations, and other very useful resources for you to start upgrading your company, with low budget and key resources.

For consultancy and step by step support, we are here for you.


Written by Peri Giavas.

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash


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